How to Ski – Lessons to Learn for a Great Trip

Skiing- a competitive yet recreational sport involves the cool feeling of gliding down through snowy mountains with sun shining on snow and blue sky showering purity.

Physical presence on such a wonderful landscape outpours hearted with immense pleasure and mesmerised feeling and surfing through such wonder landscape undoubtedly brings an incredible feeling.

To begin with the remarkable journey over snow, we need to gain complete information about its kind and the basics to enjoy it faultlessly.

Forms of Skiing

  • Downhill Skiing – can be best enjoyed at maximum resorts where schools slopes are made to teach the sliding techniques and lifts are present to pick u back.
  • Back Country Skiing – more suitable for professional skiers as it involves skiing over inhabited slopes. Snow camp is required as there is no lift to move you back, hence hiking is required too.
  • Ski Touring – similar to backcountry but the difference involves as here skiers move from one place to another with specialised equipment.
  • Cross-Country Skiing – Skiing through snow covered roads or tracks.
  • Extreme Skiing – a risk to life with a minute mistake. Such type of skiing involves deep slope gliding.
  • Heliskiing – a very popular yet strenuous form skiing involves deep slope snow gliding crossing through woods and powdery surface. Skiers are taken up to the mountain with the helicopter.

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