Fun Outdoor Games

4 Ideas For Outdoor Games

Thinking about heading outdoors and playing a fun game with family or friends?

The white house recommends being active 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. Playing out side is a great way to achieve that goal.

Whether it is a get-together at a local park or a simple outdoor birthday party, you always want to have something fun to do. If you decide not to use power wheels for off road, you can choose these other options. For those who are looking to plan something special, here are a few outdoor games that can be quite a bit of fun!

1) Dodgeball

When it comes to fun outdoor games, this would have to be the first one on the list as it can be a lot of fun!

Dodgeball is all about creating two sets of team and placing balls in the middle. These have to be soft balls that can be thrown at people across the field without hurting them. The idea is for both teams to grab the balls and hit people on the other side. If a person gets hit, they are “out” and have to stand outside the established boundary.

This is done until one side has lot all of its team.

2) Frisbee Football

Want to play a game of football while making it fun for all ages.

Grabbing a traditional football isn’t going to be as fun because it becomes harder to manage. However, frisbee football is a unique way to mix things up and make it fair for everyone. The idea is to use the frisbee as a football to fling it across to others on the field.

You are going to have two end zones and two teams competing against each other in a game of frisbee football.

3) Cops and Robbers (Tag)

Yes, this is a classic game that is never going to get old. You are able to mix things up as you can also play cops and robbers. It is all about focusing on making someone race after others to “tag” them before they turn into the chaser.

When it comes to cops and robbers, you are going to have a set of robbers in jail. The cops are trying to bring all of the free robbers to jail, while the robbers try to free the captives without getting caught.

Whichever team frees the other, they will be the winners as a group.

4) Ring Toss

This is a fun game that can become competitive in a hurry as you step outdoors.

You are going to have a simple setup in the middle that is going to be used to catch the rings. A team is going to stand on one side and look to toss rings at the standing “goal.” There is going to be a set points limit (50, 100, 150) and someone is going to score along the way.

The team that is able to do this first takes home the prize and wins.

Think about playing one of these outdoor games and having the time of your life with family or friends. This is what makes life special as a good outdoor game is fun, entertaining, and just has all the components one wants to enjoy.