Popular Games For Children To Play Outdoors

kids playing with RC cars outside

Kids need games in order to develop social, cognitive and motor skills, learn how to establish rules through negotiation and dialogue along with developing their minds and bodies. In addition, children that are engaged in playing games more often, spend less of their time playing video or computer games indoors which lowers the chances of a sedentary lifestyle.

Playing games outdoors is one of the healthiest alternatives for kids to enjoy the fresh air along with establishing an important relationship with nature and other children. BestRC.org has a number of RC vehicles that kids can play with outside. In case you want some other options, here are a few of the most exciting and fun games for kids to enjoy outdoors.

  1. Games At The Beach

For those who reside in coastal cities, promenades and the seashore are the ideal spots for developing a healthy habit when it comes to outdoor play. Many beaches already offer games facilities, which usually include beach soccer and volleyball, bike paths, skateboard and skating tracks. Even without these facilities, it is easy to create games using a few simple materials.

For example, a few stones can be used for goalposts or steps for a basic obstacle course. The more classic activities involved with beaches is of course swimming, diving, building sand castles, playing with a ball and paddling in shallow waters for younger children.

2. Games In The City

Even for families that live in the city, there are still countless places for kids to play and have fun. These include parks, playgrounds, centers that specialize in organizing children’s activities, gardens and even squares and esplanades found in most neighborhoods.

These are the ideal environments where parents can teach their children about the classical games they used to enjoy when they were younger. Some of the classics include scavenger hunts, the hula-hoop, hide-and-seek, marbles, hopscotch, making mud pies, skipping ropes and more. Outdoor environments also offer the opportunity to build toys or artwork from recycled objects.

3. Games In The Mountains

Fields can also become interesting places to enjoy outdoor play as it allows more than enough space to hide, run and enjoy nature at its best. Planning an outdoor adventure in mountain areas offers a fun way for children to learn while having loads of fun. Below are few examples of mountain games:

  • Bird Watching

Depending on the area, it is more than likely that there are plenty of opportunities to find birds of different species. Taking a bird book along can be a fun and educational way to spot and record the different birds that they find.

  • Hiking

Taking a hike through the countryside along with stopping for a picnic is an opportunity for the entire family to enjoy together. When planning the route it becomes important to choose the paths that are suitable for children.

If no other options are available, kids can always play with RC cars:

Outdoor games for kids is extremely important as these processes not only form healthier habits they also contribute to a balance in self-esteem. www.digitaljournal.com has some interesting articles about this. Educational games played outdoors also add to kids forming positive social attitudes which include tolerance, teamwork and respect. Children who spend more time outdoors are also more active and are more emotionally stable.

Fun Outdoor Games

4 Ideas For Outdoor Games

Thinking about heading outdoors and playing a fun game with family or friends?

The white house recommends being active 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. Playing out side is a great way to achieve that goal.

Whether it is a get-together at a local park or a simple outdoor birthday party, you always want to have something fun to do. If you decide not to use power wheels for off road, you can choose these other options. For those who are looking to plan something special, here are a few outdoor games that can be quite a bit of fun!

1) Dodgeball

When it comes to fun outdoor games, this would have to be the first one on the list as it can be a lot of fun!

Dodgeball is all about creating two sets of team and placing balls in the middle. These have to be soft balls that can be thrown at people across the field without hurting them. The idea is for both teams to grab the balls and hit people on the other side. If a person gets hit, they are “out” and have to stand outside the established boundary.

This is done until one side has lot all of its team.

2) Frisbee Football

Want to play a game of football while making it fun for all ages.

Grabbing a traditional football isn’t going to be as fun because it becomes harder to manage. However, frisbee football is a unique way to mix things up and make it fair for everyone. The idea is to use the frisbee as a football to fling it across to others on the field.

You are going to have two end zones and two teams competing against each other in a game of frisbee football.

3) Cops and Robbers (Tag)

Yes, this is a classic game that is never going to get old. You are able to mix things up as you can also play cops and robbers. It is all about focusing on making someone race after others to “tag” them before they turn into the chaser.

When it comes to cops and robbers, you are going to have a set of robbers in jail. The cops are trying to bring all of the free robbers to jail, while the robbers try to free the captives without getting caught.

Whichever team frees the other, they will be the winners as a group.

4) Ring Toss

This is a fun game that can become competitive in a hurry as you step outdoors.

You are going to have a simple setup in the middle that is going to be used to catch the rings. A team is going to stand on one side and look to toss rings at the standing “goal.” There is going to be a set points limit (50, 100, 150) and someone is going to score along the way.

The team that is able to do this first takes home the prize and wins.

Think about playing one of these outdoor games and having the time of your life with family or friends. This is what makes life special as a good outdoor game is fun, entertaining, and just has all the components one wants to enjoy.